Harith Iskander Juara Funniest Person in the World 2016

Wahhhh, congratz Harith Iskander!

Harith Iskander merupakan salah seorang artis Malaysia yang berjaya mengharumkan nama Malaysia. Satu pencapaian yang membanggakan telah dicapai oleh pelakon, pengacara dan juga pelawak telah dinobatkan sebagai manusia paling kelakar di dunia! OMG, sememangnya amat bertuah kerana Harith Iskander berjaya mengalahkan 4 rakan beliau yang lain dan berjaya mengibarkan bendera Malaysia seterusnya membawa Malaysia ke mata dunia dengan pencapaiannya.

Jom baca ucapan Harith Iskander selepas diumumkan sebagai juara Funniest Person in the World :

I am so excited and thrilled to have won the title of Laugh Factory's Funniest Person In The World.
When I started my career 26years ago, my goal was to unite Malaysians THRU comedy and today - I can unite the world with my brand of Malaysian humour. It was a tough journey, in the semi finals we had Murilo Couto (Brazil- with 2million fans), Michael Mittermeier ( Germany) ,Jimeon (Ireland) -comedy giants in Europe and I'm thrilled to share the stage with them.
I'm Glad to be able to kibarkan the Malaysian flag on an international platform, it's time to put comedy from Malaysia On the world map.
I'm absolutely grateful to have fans all over Malaysia, and south east Asia, UK, Denmark, Aust to support my back. It's never possible without my fans!
The press has also given me full support so that's always invaluable. My phone has not stopped ringing with messages of congratulations. I'm grateful!
The minister of tourism and the ministry also supported me in a big way. The covered my flights and accommodation which was a great help! I proudly wore the Tourism
Malaysia shirt on stage to show my gratefulness. Thank you Malaysia
Goodjob Harith Iskander! *tabik spring*

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