if i love someone.... ^_^

If I love someone ......

1) I will always pray for him
2) I will always miss him
3) I will see his picture every day
4) I will write his name on a piece of paper and I will remove the paper after a few minutes
5) I will write about him in my blog and after a few days I will delete the post
6) I did not dare look at his eyes
7) I have a secret blog that is special to tell about him
8) I would always find him no matter wherever he is
9) I will always think that he is always at my back
10) I made a poem for him
11) When I hear songs of love, I will close my eyes .. then I would imagine that we are characters in the song that ..
12) Every time I want to buy something, he usually influence my choices
13) I do not care whether he has a girlfriend, as long as I love him
14) I do not care where he is, because he was always in my heart ..
15) I always dreams about him!
16) I'm going to pretend that I do not care about him every time I passed by him, but that time I was feeling palpitations
17) I will melt like ice cream every time I see him walking calmly
18) I stopped walking every time I heard his voice
19) I always thought that he was always watching me
20) I have one dream to do with him
21) I am very confident that he would be happier if he is with me
22) I will not tell him about my true feelings about him because I feel more comfortable this way
23) I just want to know, "does he ever fall in love with me? "
24) I do not care if I can not have him .. because of feelings of love with the feeling of desire to have, are very different things
25) I aspire to write a novel about this story
26) I would not be present at his wedding ! Never !
27) I always feel sad every time he disappeared from my view
28) I feel ashamed every time I met with him
29) I do not know why, sometimes I feel I am not worthy to love him
30) I am willing to do anything for him, as long as I'm not doing my religious prohibition ...

naah ^_^ lalalalalala~

mmuuaahh ^_^
if i love someone.... ^_^

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that one If you Love someone , but how bout If you Hate someone? hahah :D